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Pet Training Clothes are BACK! :)


After a move to Texas, we are happy to let you know that we are preparing to open our doors, again! :)


EVENT!! - Let's meet personally!! 

Pet Training Clothes is going to appear on the Surf City Surf Dog fun! We are happy to answer all of your questions, show  training vests, treat bags, material samples, etc.  And if you like what you see, you can order right away! :) Or visit us later, if you wish! We are happy to show and explain you everything about training clothes and let you decide, without pushing anything. Good feeling is essential! ;-)

Click on the picture below for more info about the program and the location! :)

New materials and designs are going to be introduced! ;-)

Hope to see you soon!

Betty :) ;-)

Shop - Merchendise


Check out our new Pet Training Clothes merchandise webshop!

Do you want to have " Pack Leadership is my Lifestyle!™" sign on your apparel? Find them at the Pack School Shop!



Embroidery - How does it made?


Check out how does an embroidery made?! :) (Thanks, for the great job guys at Varrogepcentrum and for letting me record this video! :)



Contact us on Skype for FREE!


We would like to know you among our friends! :) Our Skype name is: Pettrainingclothes 

Skype Me™!

UPro Vest video shooting insight


I wanted to share this video with you, to make you hungry for the full version, what is coming up soon! :)

GOOD to have a great vest...
BETTER to have a pretty helper...

New colors on the palette


We've just got these gorgeous colors! :) Cannot wait to upload the very first vest from the yellow!

New colors



Promo Video Shooting


Pet Training UPro Vest Promo video shooting status update: DONE.

The video is coming soon with a complete explanation of the use of the vest & all the advantages of it ;-)



Training Video


Our youngest Clicker Pet Trainer, Milan (10 yr old boy) with Zizi "Bang"




Pack Profile Embroidery


Do you want to have your & your pet's profile on your pet training vest?

Let's find pics, we' ll do the rest! ;-) Wish List



Live Chat


And we also have LIVE CHAT! :) (Right side, at the bottom.) We are waiting for your questions! ;-)



Feedback & Support Button


Now, we have Feedback & Support Button on the left side at the bottom. :) Feel free to use! :)



Waiting List


Check out the Waiting List!



Wish List


Send us your wish! :) Check out our 20 sec. Wish List!


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